Milkit Tyre Sealant 1 Litre


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  • After many requests, the clever minds at milKit have developed a tubeless sealant to compliment their family of intelligent tubeless solutions
  • Based on a synthetic latex, milKit's sealant is longer lasting than standard latex based mixtures, is CO2 friendly and won't create sealant balls inside your tyres
  • Aramid fibres held in suspension within the fluid rush to damaged areas and greatly enhance the performance of the sealant on larger holes, they also create a physical barrier that works better at higher pressure than sealant alone, making this suitable for both MTB and Road use
  • The sealant is also non-corrosive, hypoallergenic and ammonia-free, it can be rinsed off with water and will not damage your paintwork or components
  • Developed and tested for over a year by multiple UCI World Cup teams and proven at the highest levels of competition
  • If adding to a tyre that has been used with other sealants please remove all liquid sealant from the tyre, rinse with clean water and allow to dry before adding milKit sealant to assure the best performance
  • Fully compatible with milKit valves, as you'd expect
  • Effective at temperatures from - 20 to + 50°C
  • Recommended quantities: 40 ml - Road, 50 ml - Gravel, 100 ml - 27.5 MTB, 120 ml - 29 or 27+ MTB
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