KMC Chain 11 Speed DLC X11 Black


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X11SL DLC, One of the lightest chains in its class, the PRO's choice. The main characteristics of the X11-SL DLC chain are: at 243g its amongst the lightest chains in its class and, unlike others is coated in DLC (Diamond Like coating) to reduce abrasive wear. It's surface hardness is higher than most coatings, this ensures its long-term functionality, and higher wear resistance. Triple X Durability also helps gives you unmatched chain life, KMC guaranties your satisfaction! At 118 links long with great mud shedding property's this chain is as well suited for 29" MTB's as it is for road. * Compatible with any 11x Derailleurs * DLC (Diamond Like Coating) * Inner/Outer Plate Chamfering * Hollow Inner/Outer Plates * Triple X Durability * Hollow Pin * High Rigidity * Highest Pin Power * Mud Shedding Design * Unsurpassed durability. * Includes 11x Missing Link * 1/2" X 11/128" - 118 Links * pin length 5,5mm * Super Light, 243g only!
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