KMC Chain 10 Speed X10EL Silver


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World-class professional racers proved that KMC Chain provides the right DNA leading to the championship!_x000D__x000D_ Next to our champions, it is important to offer a chain for all kind of riders. KMC's 10 speed chains are compatible with all major shifting systems, it is NON directional so will work with both Shimano's mtb and road 10spd. Shifting performance, durability and easy mounting are other key words for KMC Chain. We have the perfect chain for all type of riders. With great shifting performance, it's light weight and smooth running. KMC now guarantees your satisfaction on the chain's life, which is much longer, compared to other major brands._x000D_ _x000D_ * 1/2" X 11/128" - 114 Links, pin length 5,88mm_x000D_ * Compatible with: any 10-speed derailleur system_x000D_ * Nickel Plated/Ti-Nitride_x000D_ * NON-Directional*_x000D_ * Top-Performance_x000D_ * Double X-Durability_x000D_ * Extra Light - 262 grams only!_x000D_ _x000D_ (*) NON-Directional Design: assembly of this chain is independent of direction! It allows maximum compatibility, no matter MTB or Race: this chain fits all.
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