London Bicycle Workshop provides expert bike care to any kind of bicycle in the city. With over 20 years of experience working in and running professional workshops we believe we have the ability to repair, rebuild or customize any bicycle.

What makes us different to majority of other bike shops is an open workshop, so, if you have time, you can watch us work on your bicycle. Our service also includes advice on maintenance or possible upgrades as well as fixing your bike.

We also offer a great range of accessories that will make your commute or a weekend ride much more pleasurable. Whether in the shop or online, you can get something nice for your bike or a new bike.

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DT Swiss RRC 65 Carbon Clincher Wheelset BARGAIN!!!

lbwAdmin | 16/05/2017 16:29:56


DT Swiss RRC Carbon Clincher Wheelset is now 20% off! 24mm wide and 65mm deep rims provide superb aero performance and improved fit for 25mm tyres. Legendary Star Ratchet freehub body, unparalleled durability and superior bearing smoothness combined with full carbon clincher rims will get you rolling super fast and comfortable. You will find the RCC 65 wheels HERE