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Genesis Zero Custom – First Impressions

lbwAdmin | 18/09/2014 18:01:04


Genesis Zero 2015 Custom - Side

We just finished building up our first Genesis Zero and decided to share our first impressions. First of all few words about Genesis brand. It gained popularity with its steel bikes and was always synonymous with high quality, durability and value-for-money. To keep up with modern day cyclist’s demands they’ve decided to diversify their range and invest in carbon technology to run alongside their steel and aluminium ranges. The result is Genesis Zero – great value for money carbon bikes. The whole range is based around the same frameset built up with different components, so it allows freedom to spend less initially and upgrade at a later date.

We got a Genesis Zero .3 bike which as standard comes with Shimano 105 5800 components and upgraded it to Shimano Dura-Ace 9000, Full Carbon Clincher wheelset and Easton, Prologo and 3T finishing kit. The bike looks stunning and after the first ride it impresses even more. From the first moment you notice acceleration of the Zero, which is much better than expected by a bike that without the upgrade would cost £1699.99 and comparable to some of the top-end bikes from established manufacturers on the “road carbon” market. Handling is also second-to-none, Zero is flowing from corner to corner and feels very stable when riding aggressively. Comfort was one of surprising aspects of the bike, it was actually great for the first two 30 mile rides, but longer distances are still to be tested.

Genesis Zero 2015 Custom - ChainsetGenesis Zero 2015 Custom - Front Angle

Genesis Zero 2015 Custom - Back AngleGenesis Zero 2015 Custom - Rear Mech