About Us


Pete and Jerzy have not only been involved in the cycle industry for pretty much the whole of their working lives they also live and breath riding. So they know what makes bikes ride well and how they respond when pushed to the limit.

Jerzy's speciality is road bikes, he rides over 300km per week and has competed in numerous races and competitions around the world.

Pete leans more towards heavy duty stuff and rides both mountain bikes, jump bikes and BMX. Most evenings he can be found hitting the streets of London earning his post ride ale!

The Shop

The London Bicycle Workshop first opened on 27th September 2009 and is Pete's brain child. After working for other companies he got tired of all the misunderstandings caused by customers being advised on the service by a sales person and then being told something very often completely different by a mechanic. Having this in mind he decided that something needed to be done about it and came up with the idea of an open workshop where customers are advised by a mechanic straight away. Another important change was to give an exact quote for repairs when customers bring their bikes in, so there are no surprises when bikes are being collected. After months of planning and looking for a suitable location Pete decided that he needed someone to share his workload with. Working for the same company for a few years he knew Jerzy had the knowledge and experience necessary to co-run a bicycle workshop. It didn't take long for Jerzy to agree to start the shop with Pete and, together, they completed the planning process.

When the location has been confirmed and all the necessary forms filled in (lots and lots of forms) Pete started renovating. Being a great handyman and having some experience in refurbishing as well as help from his friends he finished with the shop in less than a month.

In the meantime Jerzy focused his attention on getting the software organised and creating a product list suitable for their project. Creating product data base, accounting spread sheets, opening accounts with suppliers and helping out with refurbishing when he could, filled his month before the opening.

Eventually, late September 2009 the shop opened its doors for customers.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us to get this shop started and in running of it. A special thank you to all the customers who recommended us to their friends or took our business cards to hand out in their offices or wrote amazing reviews on various websites. You made our dream come true.

In late 2012 we began a new chapter in our little adventure. In order to keep up with the modern retail environment we decided to invest in ecommerce module and redesign our website to support online sales. After picking the developer, agreeing the design and refitting the basement we focused on getting the stock in, rearranging our computer system and the way we organise picking. The end result you can see right now and we hope you like it. The idea is to put some interesting articles on the website as well, mainly product reviews, so you can not only browse through different products but also read about our experiences with some of them or find out some interesting cycling news.