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DT Swiss ERC 1100 Dicut Disc Brake 47mm Wheel

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    Detailed Description for DT Swiss ERC 1100 Dicut Disc Brake 47mm Wheel

    The ERC 1100's rims were designed from scratch in conjunction with former F1 head of engineering JP Ballard and his team at the GST wind tunnel in Immenstaad, Germany. Using a bespoke fluid dynamic analysis system that for the first time allowed the designers to model and quantify the effect of crosswinds on a wheel's handling, a rim profile was developed that gives an optimal balance between aerodynamics and handling.

    This is why the ERC 1100 rim is precisely 47mm deep and 27mm wide, any wider and you'd see an unacceptable increase in drag, any deeper and you'd compromise handling in rough conditions, we call this concept Aero+ and the result is a blindingly fast yet truly all conditions wheel.

    The rim is not the only component that was designed from scratch for the ERC's; with 15% of a wheel's drag coming from the hub, DT Swiss went back to the drawing board and developed the most aerodynamic road disc hub on the market. Equipped with SiNC ceramic bearings and a 36-tooth ratchet, these are fastest road disc hubs available.

    Even the Aerolite nailhead spokes have been redesigned from scratch, with a two thirds aero profile offering aero advantages for the faster moving outer sections of the spokes and a round profile nearer the hub for improved comfort and durability. 19mm internal rim profile is optimised for 25-28c tyres. For those looking to use the latest tyre tech the ERC 1100's come tubeless ready but can also be used with standard clinchers.

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    Technical Information for DT Swiss ERC 1100 Dicut Disc Brake 47mm Wheel

    • Rim Depth: 47mm
    • External Rim Width: 27mm
    • Internal Rim Width: 19mm
    • Optimised for 700x25-28c tyres
    • Clincher and Tubeless Tyres Compatible
    • Maximum recommended system weight: 120 KG
    • Shimano Compatible 11 Speed Freehub Body
    • The front wheel comes ready for 12 x 100 mm thru axles, rear comes ready for 12 x 142 mm thru axles, both come with Q/R converters
    • Weight: Front 710 grams Rear: 820 grams

    Whatever road you choose the ERC 1100 DICUT 47 delivers the best performance. The benchmark AERO+ concept developed with SWISS SIDE generates maximum speed and unparalleled handling characteristics.

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