Continental GP4000S II Tyre

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    Detailed Description for Continental GP4000S II Tyre

    GP4000S II Tyre is an updated version of Continental's very popular GP4000S tyre. Its features are very similar to its predecessor with addition of new colour options and updated rubber compound. Advanced Black Chili compound offers even lower rolling resistance than the previous incarnation, low weight and maximum grip in all-weather conditions. GP4000S II also features Vectran Breaker belt to protect against punctures and is hand made in Germany for highest quality.

    Buyers Guide for Continental GP4000S II Tyre

    Black Chili Compound:

    Black Chili Compound was introduced in 2007 and offers great gains in grip, rolling resistance and durability of Continental tyres. It is a new tread mixture, the result of the research from Continental's polymer and raw material laboratories in Hanover, Germany. Continental AG refined newly developed synthetic rubbers with proven natural rubber with powerful profile blends. These are 'nano' sized soot particles, who's surface properties are optimized for use in bicycle tyres. These smaller particles enable the tyre tread to deform around surface objects more quickly, improving grip. They also form a tighter bond with each other improving compound strength for longer tread life. The way in which these particles interact with each other also lowers rolling resistance. Compared to the previous leading Continental tyre compound, the Activated Silica (ASC) tyres, Black Chilli offers a 26% lower rolling resistance, a 30% increase in adhesion quality, and a 5% increase in tread life.

    Vectran Breaker:

    Vectran Breaker is a puncture protection belt fitted under the tread. It is made from melted Vectra Liquid Crystal Polymer and is the only LCP fibre in the world, made using a spinning process. Vectran is lightweight, extremely durable, resistant to water and five times stronger than steel. Continental tyres which include one or sometimes two layers of Vectran under the tread are some of the toughest and lightweight bicycle tyres available. With a layer (breaker) of Vectran under the tread, the tyre is protected from punctures more efficiently than with a Nylon double breaker. This is because a single Vectran layer is lighter, more flexible and stronger than the two nylon layers.

    Sizing Guide for Continental GP4000S II Tyre

    Technical Information for Continental GP4000S II Tyre

    • Compatibility: Road Clincher Rims
    • Colour Options: Red, Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, Black
    • Vectran™ Breaker Belt
    • Advanced Black Chili Compound
    • Handmade in Germany
    • 3 Plies Construction
    • 330 TPI (Threads Per Inch)
    • Weight: 205g (700 x 23c Black), 215g (700 x 23c Colour Skins), 225g (700 x 25c)

    Continental GP4000S II - superb all-round tyre featuring Advanced Black Chili Compound for low rolling resistance, high mileage and maximum wet weather grip and Vectran Breaker for unsurpassed puncture protection

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